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Counselling Paraparaumu
Are you looking for a qualified and experienced counsellor in the region Paraparaumu? Welcome to my practice for individual counselling and relationship counselling.

My counselling practice is located in Raumati South, about 6 minutes driving from Paraparaumu.

Counselling can help with a wide range of issues, such as addictions, anxiety, grief, burnout, depression, low self esteem, PTSD, relationship problems, stress and trauma.

Feel free to send me a message. You can raise any questions you have, and tell me a little about your situation.

Ilona King

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Counselling Kapiti
Counsellor Ilona:
My desire is to help people feel fulfilled, empowered and happy in their lives.
Counselling Kapiti
81 Leinster Avenue
Raumati South 5032
counselling kapiti Counselling Kapiti
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