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Self-esteem is the degree to which we feel confident, considering ourselves valuable and respect ourselves and this greatly affects our well-being.

Self-esteem exist on a continuum, from high to low and low self-esteem is associated with self-doubt, self-criticism, social isolation, suppressed anger and shame. Low self-esteem is also a symptom of anxiety and depression.

low self-esteem

Signs and symptoms:

People with low self-esteem regard themselves critically and may feel a sense of failure or a lack of accomplishment. They may constantly compare themselves to others.

Low self-esteem is also closely associated with the following conditions and experiences:

-social anxiety


People with low self-esteem may work with therapists on becoming more assertive, confident and self-aware.

Finding a sense of accomplishment is a huge boost to self-esteem and therapy can help people identify specific activities that boost confidence and competence. It can help people develop realistic, achievable goals and treat themselves with kindness and encouragement.

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